Sunday, September 28, 2014

Ello For Dummies

A new social network is gaining traction.  It's called Ello.

It's still in beta, so you need an invitation.  Get one and sign-in.

Here are a dozen basic instructions on how to use ello.  It's enough to get started. (Click photos to enlarge.)   And there are more references listed at the bottom.


Go to main page

Set profile photo

Set header photo

Post a comment

Post a photo

Post comment or photo to another person

Delete a post or photo

Find people by search

Find people by follows

Find people by posts

Follow a person

Change classification as friend or noise

View posts by all people classified as friends

View posts by all people classified as noise

Block spam

Hide and expose the left side panel

Log out

For more information, here are more detailed tutorials I like...

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