Thursday, August 14, 2014

BMIR on Mobile Devices

Updated for 2015...

BMIR (Burning Man Information Radio) is the official radio station of the annual Burning Man event.  BMIR broadcasts at the event on 94.5 FM, and streams over the internet year-round to listeners worldwide.

There are several ways to listen, on mobile devices and computers...

BMIR's Android App

Since 2011:

BMIR's iPhone/iPad App

Since 2014:

iHeartRadio for all mobile devices

Coming soon... 

Computer browsers

You can also listen on a computer:
The Flowplayer should start playing automatically, or you can click on the ListenNow link.


  1. I used to be able to get a live tracklisting through Winamp or TuneIn app, but I'm not seeing it anymore... any idea?

  2. Does anyone know name of last song played on Dominique ' show? Some of the lyrics are, "best lovin woman you ever had". Thanks .


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