Monday, March 26, 2012

What name is published as the 'Developer Name' in the Amazon Android Appstore?

The Amazon Android Appstore lists the name of the developer of an app in at least two places.  Here is one place for the popular Angry Birds app:

And another place:

I am releasing an Android app to the Amazon Android Appstore.  I don't want my real name to appear publicly, due to privacy concerns.

Question:  Which field from my Amazon profile is published as the 'developer name' in the Amazon Android Appstore?

Answer:  "Developer or Company"

You need to know this information BEFORE you create a new profile, because the field is immutable. That is, you can't change it after the profile has been created.

Of course, I couldn't find this information documented anywhere.  I discovered it AFTER I created my new profile.  Alas...

Lesson learned:  Whether you want to be known by your real name, a nickname, or a fancy company name, "Developer or Company" is the place to say it.

Hope it's helpful.

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